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Latvian nursery school posts
Latvian nursery school posts "No Jews" sign

A German-language sign saying a nursery school was “Jew free” was placed at the entrance to the school.

The posting of the sign, which reads “Judenfrei,” was revealed Monday by the Latvian daily Vesti Segodniya. The paper published a photo of the sign on the fence of the Pucite (“Owlet”) private school.

The establishment is owned by Imants Paradnieks, an ultra-nationalist Latvian MP.

On Tuesday, Twitter users confronted him to ask whether the sign was genuine or just “a provocation.” He provided no reply, but wrote: “The Kremlin is full of jackals.”

The Riga-based school has a history involving Nazi sympathies. In 2012, Pucite hosted two men dressed in Waffen SS uniform, who held what they defined as “a lesson of patriotic upbringing” for the kindergarten department of the school.

On its website, Pucite is described as a school based on “the Latvian national culture, Latvian wisdom and view of the world – where all children learn through play and hands-on experiences.”

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Monday, May 12, 2014
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