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French centre-right party withdraws cartoon amid accusations of antisemitism
French centre-right party withdraws cartoon amid accusations of antisemitism

France’s centre-right Republicans party published a caricature of centrist presidential candidate on its Twitter account on Friday showing Macron in a manner that reflected antisemitic stereotypes from the 1930s.

The Republicans withdrew the cartoon in order to avoid “useless polemics”, the party said.

Later, party secretary-general Bernard Accoyer said: “Conscious that the cartoon of Emmanuel Macron on the Republicans Twitter account was published and withdrawn on social networks, I wish, on behalf of the Republicans, to present my excuses to those who could have been hurt or shocked.”

Macron was identified as a hook-nosed banker in the cartoon pulling the strings of a number of leading figures on the centre-left. He previously worked for France’s Rothschild bank.

On Saturday, the Republicans’ own presidential candidate Francois Fillon condemned the caricature of Macron as antisemitic.

“The fight is tough but it must remain dignified,” he said in a statement, vowing not to “tolerate that his own party is broadcasting caricatures containing the codes of antisemitic propaganda.”

He urged disciplinary measures be taken against any party officials responsible for the post.

From the Macron camp, the candidate’s spokesman Benjamin Griveaux called it “extremely worrying” that the caricature “draws on the antisemitic imagination.”

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Monday, March 13, 2017
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