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French Jewish leaders updated on investigation into murder of Jewish woman in Paris
French Jewish leaders updated on investigation into murder of Jewish woman in Paris

On Friday, Haïm Korsia - Chief Rabbi of France, Joël Mergui - President of the Consistoire, Ariel Goldmann - President of FSJU, Robert Ejnes - Executive Director of CRIF, and SPCJ, the protection service of the Jewish community in France, were received by François Molins - Public Prosecutor of the Republic in Paris with the persons in charge of investigating the murder of Sarah Halimi Attal za'l on April 4th, 2017.

The purpose of this meeting, obtained at the request of the central institutions of the Jewish community, was to express the lively emotion that this drama and all the unanswered questions are causing in the Jewish community.

It has been very clearly explained that "the current investigation is aimed at the manifestation of the truth and the determination of the eventual antisemitic circumstance ".

As of last Friday, and according to the first elements of the investigation, on the basis of the first testimonies "there is no element to retain the antisemitic character, and there is nothing to exclude it. The investigation is continuing and all tracks are open." An investigating judge will soon be appointed.

The Jewish institutions noted that such an investigation “cannot be done on social networks, the mixing of information from direct witnesses with narratives "revisited" by commentators, the mixing of verified and proven information with supposed, imaginary, wanted or denied information only creates confusion that disserves the search for truth.”

Thursday, April 13, 2017
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