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Malmo Jews burgled, suffer sustained anti-Semitic abuse
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Malmo Jews burgled, suffer sustained anti-Semitic abuse

Two Jewish women in Malmo, Sweden have had their home burgled and suffered sustained anti-Semitic abuse over a period of three days.

Initially, while the women were out of their apartment on Friday night, the location was burgled with Judaica possessions including a Hanukkiya, a mezuza and a prayer book stolen from the property.

The same night swastikas were daubed on the door and balcony of the women’s apartment. A complaint was filed to local police and the daubings removed but they re-appeared the following night. Then the following evening garbage was thrown at the door.

The women, who prefer not to disclose their names, told a Swedish newspaper that they regular encounter anti-Semitism in the city, being frequently called “Jewish whores” and “Jewish pigs”.

The city’s 800 Jewish Jews have seen an increased wave of anti-Semitic attacks and abuse in recent years. During 2011, 23 cases of anti-Semitic abuse were reported to the police in the city. No charges or arrests were made.

The city’s synagogue was targeted in September this year as it was also in 2010.

The President of the Swedish Council of Jewish Communities and EJC executive member Lena Posner-Korosi said that “breaking into Jewish homes and deliberately stealing items of great personal and emotional value is outrageous.”

“I urge the political leadership not only in Malmo but the Swedish government to take all measures to end the spiral of increased hatred and violence against Jews in the country.”

Wednesday, December 05, 2012
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