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EJC calls for Nicolas Anelka to be banned after anti-Semitic
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EJC calls for Nicolas Anelka to be banned after anti-Semitic "Quenelle" salute

European Jewish Congress President Dr. Moshe Kantor has called on English Premier League officials to ban French player Nicolas Anelka after he made the “Quenelle” salute, which has been described as a Nazi salute in reverse.

“This salute is merely a lesser known Nazi salute and we expect the same kind of punishment to be handed down by the authorities as if Anelka had made the infamous outstretched arm salute,” Kantor said. “This salute was created by a well-known extreme anti-Semite who has displayed his hatred of Jews, mocked the Holocaust and Jewish suffering.”

The Quenelle was created by French comedian Dieudonné, who is close to far-Right French activists, Holocaust deniers and has been fined on numerous occasions for hate speech.  Anelka was pictured recently making the Quenelle gesture with Dieudonné, as well as celebrating scoring for West Bromwich Albion in today’s Premier League game against West Ham United.

“It is sickening that such a well-known footballer would make such an abusive and hateful gesture in front of tens of thousands of spectators,” Kantor continued. “There should be no room for such intolerance and racism in sports and we expect that the English Premier League officials as well as the police will give Anelka the appropriate punishment.”

“We know that English football officials have a very low tolerance for racism at football matches and we hope that all concerned will abhor and show zero-tolerance for this hateful Nazi salute.”

The salute is rapidly spreading among anti-Semites in Europe and is being used by individuals to fly under the radar of anti-hate speech laws in parts of the continent. The signal, extending one’s right hand toward the ground while the left hand grasps the shoulder and has been used at sensitive sites like the Auschwitz concentration camp and the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. 

“Furthermore, we hope that this gesture is banned in all places of Europe where Nazi salutes are banned,” Kantor said. “Merely inverting the traditional Nazi salute should not allow anti-Semites to spread and display their hate with impunity.”

Sunday, December 29, 2013
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