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European Jewish Congress outraged by glaring omission of
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European Jewish Congress outraged by glaring omission of "Israel" in EU statement on wave of terror stabbings

The European Jewish Congress has expressed outrage at the omission of the word Israel in a recent statement by the Spokesperson of the EU External Action Service on the latest terrorist attacks in Tel Aviv, Petah Tikvah and Jerusalem. 

“This statement disconnects the reality of a people living under the threat of daily terror attacks from the nation, Israel, which is suffering from these attacks,” Dr. Moshe Kantor said. “Unfortunately, too often we see a lack of moral clarity on attacks against Israelis unlike terrorist attacks against any other people, and we should expect the European leadership to give strong and factual statements free of political considerations when blood in Israel is shed.”

“We compare this cold pro-forma statement with the outrage and detail released when Israel is accused of an infraction by EU officials. Surely the deliberate shedding of blood on a daily basis deserves at least the level of condemnation and outrage as when discussing issues in the internal Israeli debate or in the building of homes in Jerusalem.”

Thursday, March 10, 2016
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