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EJC Expresses its Condolences to the UK Government and People
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EJC Expresses its Condolences to the UK Government and People

European Jewish Congress President Dr. Moshe Kantor sent a letter to UK Prime Minister Theresa May expressing, on behalf of European Jewish communities, his condolences after the terrorist attacks in London last weekend.

“The entire European Jewish Congress has asked that I convey condolences to the Government, citizens of the United Kingdom, people of London and, most importantly, to the bereaved families and those injured in the attacks in London over the weekend. 

The UK has been a model of tolerance for centuries, a place of refuge from everywhere, a home for everyone and an open and tolerant society. It deserves none of the pain inflicted upon it.  

However, as you know better than most, terrorists see in our free, open, tolerant and democratic societies everything they hate. And they will clearly stop at nothing in an effort to kill our people and try to change our way of life. 

We must not let them succeed and we must strike with determination not only against those who act out against us but also those who provide the terrorists with ideological succor and philosophical encouragement.

Please accept, Prime Minister, the assurance of my highest consideration and the expression of my confidence that you will not let terrorists prevail and that you and the Government you lead will defeat this threat.”

Tuesday, June 06, 2017
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