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EJC concerned by normalisation of antisemitic tropes in Hungary
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EJC concerned by normalisation of antisemitic tropes in Hungary

The European Jewish Congress expresses strong disapproval about the usage of classic antisemitic tropes in political campaigns in Hungary, whether by oversight or by intent.

EJC President Dr. Moshe Kantor said that given Hungary’s own recent history, political parties and interest groups should be "extra-careful in the utilisation of words and images which hark back to darker times of simplistic racial and religious stereotypes."

"We cannot just turn a blind eye to campaigns which clearly link well-known Jews with conspiracies theories, international plotting and financial influence, » Dr. Kantor said. « Words and hate speech do not exist in a vacuum and the road can be all too short to real manifestations of targeting minority groups and incitement to violence."

"We urge responsible political authorities in Hungary to think through the potential effects of such campaigns and their duty and responsibility to respect the rights and security of the country’s Jewish community and other minority groups", he added.

The EJC stands firmly in solidarity with its Hungarian affiliate and national Jewish umbrella organisation, MAZSHISISZ, the Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities.

MASZIHISZ President and EJC Vice-President Andras Heisler said: "Hungary’s recent past should teach us all lessons that where hate speech and crude stereotyping of minorities starts, incitement and violence are not far behind." 

MAZSIHISZ has condemned in recent days posters attacking Hungarian-born Jewish businessman and philanthropist George Soros which have taken on some common antisemitic tropes of domination, conspiracy and financial power.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017
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