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Greek Jews condemn antisemitism denial by leading cartoonist
Greek Jews condemn antisemitism denial by leading cartoonist

The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece has sharply condemned an article and cartoon by journalist and cartoonist Stathis (Stavropoulos) in which the author attempts to describe criticising antisemitic criticism of Israel as merely an attempt to annul such political criticism.

The article is accompanied by a cartoon which pictures free opinion killed by Israel. The article and cartoon were Stathis’ response to the publication of a survey on antisemitism in Greece which shows high rates of antisemitic attitudes.

In a statement, the Board said: “Journalists, cartoonists and media deliberately use the term “agents” of Israel, to avoid being accused of antisemitism, giving a pretext that they do not target just Jews but also Zionists. In this spirit, the extreme right coined the term “Jewish Zionist”. This new form of antisemitism is in use both by the extreme right, as well as by many groups of the left who wish to delegitimize the very right of existence of the State of Israel.

“We were very disappointed when we read the new antisemitic libel of the Greek columnist Stathis, which he accompanied with an outrageous cartoon,” the statement continued. ”He defies Greek and international surveys which underline the rise of antisemitic stereotypes among Greeks; he demonises the State of Israel (the only democratic state in the wider sensitive area of the Middle East, and a precious ally of our country in very difficult circumstances); and he accuses and incriminates, with disgraceful, pejorative and insulting characterisations all those who disagree with his opinion and fight boldly against racism, xenophobia, and antisemitic stereotypes.”

 Click here to read the full article in Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece

Wednesday, May 17, 2017
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