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Transforming the Galilee into a food tech stronghold
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Transforming the Galilee into a food tech stronghold

A ground-breaking “Food-Tech Hub” in Kiryat Shmona is aiming to transform the country’s northern-most region into a global capital for food innovation and research.

In an opening ceremony on Tuesday, MK Erel Margalit (Zionist Union) and the mayors of the Galilee panhandle communities announced the future 3,400-square metre Food-Tech Hub – a space that will promote both industrial development and academic research in the sector. With investments worth tens of millions of shekels, the centre is part of a larger regional programme to transform the Upper Galilee region into a hotbed for food technology.

Among the facilities of the Food-Tech Hub will be a technology incubator, innovation labs for food development, offices, accelerators and work spaces for entrepreneurial youth, according to the project plans.

The Food-Tech Hub is the first of many initiatives to make the Galilee a global capital for innovation in the food sector. As part of the country’s overall plan to develop the North, the government recently approved a budget for establishing a food research and innovation institute in the region, as well as a variety of incentives for companies to open offices in the area.

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Friday, March 03, 2017
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