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On Israel's 69th birthday population reaches 8.68 million
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On Israel's 69th birthday population reaches 8.68 million

As Israel prepares to celebrate its 69th birthday, the Central Bureau of Statistics announced on Thursday that the Jewish state today has 8.68 million citizens, ten times more than at its founding in 1948.

According to the report, the Jewish population in the country represents 6.484 million residents – 74.7 percent of the total population – and the Arab population stands at 1.808 million people – 20.8% of the country’s inhabitants.

The remaining 4.5%, approximately 388,000 people, represent non-Arab Christians and people of other religions, as well as those with no religious affiliation, the vast majority of them from the former Soviet Union.

The report cited that at the founding of the State, there were 11.5 million Jews in the world, of whom six percent were living in Israel. In contrast, in 2015 there were 14.411 million Jews in the world, 43% of whom were living in Israel.

The country is rapidly approaching the tipping point where the majority of the world’s Jews will be living in Israel.

The data also revealed that the Jewish State’s population is expected to hit over 15 million by 2048 – Israel’s 100th birthday.

Since last year, the country’s population grew by some 159,000 people, marking a 1.9% increase, the report found.

With regard to aliya, some 30,000 immigrants arrived in Israel this past year.

Among the Jews living in Israel, some 44% identified as secular, 24% identified as traditional but not religious, 11% identified as religious, while 9% identified as ultra-Orthodox.

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Friday, April 28, 2017
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