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Galillee Jewish-Arab tech colaboration shoots for the moon
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Galillee Jewish-Arab tech colaboration shoots for the moon

When Asaf Brimer left the Israeli air force in 2008 after serving for 27 years as a fighter pilot and taking part in four of the nation’s wars, he spent six years in the military industry but then decided it wasn’t for him. He wanted to do something bigger and bolder for the benefit of society.

So four years ago he set up “Moona, a Space for Change,” a non-profit technology incubator in the Galilee that aims to build bridges between Israeli Jews and Arab youth through space technologies.

Moona — which means “wish” in Arabic but is also a syllable away from both the English word “moon” and the Hebrew word emunah, or “faith” — operates out of the sun-drenched and stark Muslim Arab town of Majd al Kurum, ranked by the statistics bureau among the Israeli towns with the lowest socio-economic status. Working in collaboration with the local council, Moona hosts groups of Jewish and Arab students who work jointly on projects for drones, robots, 3D printing and software and hardware development.

In its three years of operation Moona has also set up three national programmes in schools around the country in which students built drones, quad-copters, or escape rooms.

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Thursday, May 11, 2017
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Life in Israel
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