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First Israeli whisky to be auctioned on Scottish site
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First Israeli whisky to be auctioned on Scottish site

Here’s a deal: The first 100 bottles of Israel’s first single malt whisky, made by the Milk & Honey Distillery in Tel Aviv, will be auctioned off on a Scottish auction site this month.

The whisky will be available on website Whisky Auctioneer from August 11-21, for buyers interested in snagging a bottle of this experimental series. It’s also kosher, certified by the Tel Aviv rabbinate.

The whiskey has been aged for three years, meeting the standards of Scottish whiskey. That said, it’s an Israeli-made spirit that the distillers say is mature and complex for its young age, thanks to the warm Israeli climate.

It’s from the first barrel of the Tel Aviv distillery, which was created in January 2014 by M&H distillers Tomer Goren and Jim Swan, a consultant who passed away this past February. Swan specialized in the maturation of whiskey in warm climates, but never got the chance to taste his Sabra creation.

The Milk & Honey malt whiskey was first aged in a 225-liter American oak cask and then distilled for an additional seven months in a former bourbon barrel. The final product has hints of malted barley, cinnamon, pepper, lemon and marzipan.

The M&H Distillery — located in a formerly industrial area of Tel Aviv - will be selling its whisky commercially in 2019, when the distilled spirits are ready for tasting.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017
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